Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflection

     Photography has helped me to learn that sometimes I'm more creative than I give myself credit for. A challenge this semester has most likely been trying to reflect my personality into photos; especially the Seven Days of Self Project. I just can't seem to think of ultra-creative ways to either show myself off, or else find something interesting about myself. My best work would definitely be the Spring Break project I did. I find macro to be super interesting, and I just thought that perhaps plant macro would be a great idea for a spring break project. Although I do like a single photo here and there between projects, I actually don't like most of my work. So honestly, I'd like to redo almost all of the project assigned.  But just one project I would redo would probably be the minimalist building. If I did it again I would actually go to an interesting city with minimalist architecture, instead of wandering around a boring neighborhood looking for something decent. When taking photographs in the future, I will definitely be more mindful of composition, perhaps, and also lighting as I don't always seem to get it right. I really like doing photography, I just don't always regard those more important parts.

     I would describe the importance of light to non-photographers as something crucial to making or breaking a photo. Lighting truly makes the mood; it can make the subject seem downcast and forgotten in low light, yet make them seem full of life in a well lit area. My favorite time of day to photograph would be in the evening around seven. In the summertime, my house area gets bathed in beautiful sunlight as the sun will soon set. Yet later in the year, it can be a more gloomy time and can produce some very interesting lighting for photography. To make a good photograph, one must be mindful of several key aspects; lighting is definitely one, along with composition, positioning, subject, and leading lines. Just leaving one of these out can truly make a difference in an important photo. I believe that a good photograph must be eye-catching. It has to grab you by surprise and keep your interest because of its beauty. It should be taken well enough that it seems like a piece of art one would hang on the wall.  The colors need to truly pop, and make the photo all the more better. But most of all, it has to be something you are willing to put out and be proud of.